Friday, 30 January 2015


It’s Friday and Fridays are almost impossible to ruin! I'm having another good day. I have been working on my pal named Photoshop and in the middle of masking I was asked to take a picture to be used in hvisk's Facebook page. The picture announces the winner of a competition. The company has a Canon 700D and we have a 550D at home so there was a bit of technical obstacles in the beginning. But I worked it out and I took several pictures. It was nice to be behind the camera again and standing on a chair. That’s usually the position I go for when taking pictures - a bird’s eye view. Since the company is located in the heart of Copenhagen we are surrounded with loads of shops and cafés. Since it’s Friday, and we just got money, we interns ate lunch out at Chilimili. Quite cosy! After lunch more Photoshop, double-checking ring sizes and more Photoshop. Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, 29 January 2015


Like yesterday, and probably also tomorrow, I have been masking/clipping out in Photoshop. It goes a lot faster now and I only need the manual to see some specific hex values and curve numbers. Some jewelry such as an ear cuff is still though quite difficult to work with. It needs more patience and a lot of trial. So that’s what I've been doing today. Till tomorrow, Photoshop.   


Good morning. I haven’t got much sleep but I feel fresh and rested. Yesterday consisted of masking/clipping out and helping others. There are quite a lot of jewelry {surprise surprise - it’s a jewelry firm} so I'll be doing the same today. Not much to say, it was a good day yesterday. Now back to work. Back to Photoshop!  

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Monday’s blues are over and out. After I finished the ring size chart I spent the whole day learning how to mask out/clip a jewelry to a model in Photoshop. I find this quite tricky but this is exactly what I want to get better at. I got one perfect but it’s still a slow process. You really have to have patience with this kind of work. I wish I could sit at home with it with a big cup of creamy hot cocoa. That would be ideal but it’s nice to have some experts and fresh eyes around to help when needed. Today I also got another task where I had to come up with a suggestion on where to crop a specific picture so it would fit a Facebook cover. It was an easy task and I quickly made two suggestions. I told which one I liked the best and they went for that one too. I think tomorrow will be pretty much like today. I’m ready to conquer you, Photoshop. But first I'd like a hot cocoa to go please!

Monday, 26 January 2015


This is going to be a short post since I haven’t really done much today. The Monday blues is all over me. My body and mind still thinks it’s the weekend. I tried creating backgrounds and covers but I lacked creativity so instead I tried to gather some inspiration from Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. What else did I do today? I applied to be a stylist at hvisk, my ring size chart got approved but I need to add the correct text and then I’m done with it and I got a crash course on how to mask and apply a jewelry on a picture of a model. I’ll be focusing on the latest this week. Since there is a lot of jewelry we are three interns who got this task. It’s been ages really working on Photoshop. I was quite good in my first semester but unfortunately my Photoshop-mojo didn’t stick. I hope it will return so we can get us some quality results. So yup, this will be my main task for this week.

Sunday, 25 January 2015


For every day I’m feeling more comfortable being at my internship. I’m not going to lie - I seriously had several break downs when I came home the first couple of days. Gosh, I felt horrible. Just all wrong. I don’t like changes much but I feel so much better now. Friday was a great day. We met at nine as usual and I started making a Facebook cover. At eleven we interns got feedback from our previous tasks so from then on I spent most of the day redesigning the ring size chart. When we got the day free at five we interns went down to a bar. We chatted about our first week at the internship and I finally got my Irish Coffee. 

Friday, 23 January 2015


Very short post. And no, I didn’t pass out. I’m just writing this post late. Today {actually yesterday since its past midnight} was a good day. No specific tasks were given so I worked with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop today to gain more experience with the programs. Even though I don’t work quickly with the pen tool I really enjoy working with it in Illustrator. Illustrator is probably my favourite program in the Adobe bunch. I’m so looking forward for the weekend. Going out for a drink tomorrow with the other interns. I need a drink. Or two. Have a great weekend out there!

Thursday, 22 January 2015


I forgot to write yesterday’s journal so I’m just doing it right now. I’ll be posting today’s journal later today. If I don’t pass out when I come home. Yesterday I was shown the storage room and the process of how to find the jewellery, pack it and etcetera, when a customer places an order. This job may be one of those “boring” ones but I enjoyed it. I can see myself doing this all day long. Perhaps I just like those boring routine jobs? I’m not sure. I just can see myself back in the storage room, alone or with a few people around me, and pack stuff down. I felt useful. When we were finished with all the orders I was set to another task. I had to come out with a layout/design of a ring size chart. It went fine, I think. I showed my first draft and redesigned again with the feedback I got. So yea, hopefully it was okay.
I know I can be giving some negative vibes at my internship journal but I just want to be clear of one thing: it’s not personal with the internship place. They are cool people and it’s a cool place. When I’m at my internship I’m not having thoughts of escaping or I’m just sitting there and thinking that I’m having an awful time. I’m concentrated with the tasks I am given and I don’t think about anything else at the moment. It’s first after when the day is over that I feel overwhelmed and just don’t feel… good. I don’t want to go in details with this but I want to make it clear that it is not anything personal with my internship place. Yesterday was better than the day before yesterday so there is some progress.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Today went indeed better than yesterday. We started off the day with two tasks*, and an extra one for the fast ones, to solve. I was more relaxed today but I’m still too tense. I really don’t know why I’m so uptight. It’s not because they are hard on me or giving me impossible tasks. I just feel under pressure and not good enough. I really hope they can’t see how uncomfortable I am. Yup, I’m a complete nerve wrack. I know. Even though my results are not impressive I’m really trying my best. I’m just not used to work this quickly. I usually have a least a day where I brainstorm, make thousands of drafts and mood boards before creating a product. It’s probably just a matter of habit. Below are some of my solutions of the assignments.
When we were finish with making our solutions and getting responses we were given a new task**. This one was more marketing related. We solved this assignment as a group. It went fine. I could ramble more but I need tea and a biscuit now. Old granny undercover. All in all, it was a good day.

*Opgaver til anden dag - Opsamling kl. 14:30 - Løses individuelt
1. opgave: 2 stk produkt billeder
Fokus på ét produkt - salgsgenererende. Hvordan kan man vise ét prodult kreativt? Gør med det hvad I vil, men produkt i fokus.

2. opgave: Banner til hjemmeside - fremhæv stylings/stylister
Tænk formater. Save for web, 800x600px. Brug billeder fra stylistunivers hvis nødvendigt. Tænk også repost fra Facebook og Instagram.

Hvis der er ekstra tid:
3. opgave: Coverbillede til Facebook - tjek format på Facebook
Vi skal snart skifte, lav et eksempel på et nyt coverbillede til Facebook.

**Opgave: Hvordan motiverer vi stylisterne til at:
- Style
- Låne smykker i Jewellery Box
- Kommunikere om hvisk
- Tagge sine billeder

Monday, 19 January 2015


Today was my first day of my internship. I came home with a terrible headache and all I wanted to do is take a long nap. And I got that so needed nap. So why did I had this terrible headache? My energy gets drained out when I’m around and interacting with people - which sometimes causes headaches and stomachaches. I’m NOT antisocial. I do very much like spending time with my friends, family and even complete strangers. I just get exhausted being with people {the boyfriend doesn’t count here} for a whole day. Call me an introvert or whatever fancy terms there is out there. I have always been like this and it’s hard when you live in an extrovert world. But yup, that’s who I am. Let’s be honest here - I was also nervous for this day and almost felt sick this morning. I’m very good at adapting to new places when I’m abroad on holiday or when I move to a new place. But when it comes to work and school I almost get anxious and I don’t thrive immediately. It’s perhaps {I know it is} because I lack self-confidence. Something I have been improving since high school and it isn’t going fast enough in my opinion! Sigh.

So what did I do today on my first day? First of all we are four interns - two are my classmates, another girl and I. We are all Multimedia Design and Communication students. Our internship place is a small company that sells jewellery online. My job is to generate content in form as graphic design and illustrations for the website. I also have to shoot pack shots and edit pictures. I’m guessing that’s what the other girls also have to do. It’s all about the visual.

We began the day with a meeting with the others and afterwards we interns got an introduction. Afterwards we got three tasks* {sorry it's in Danish but I bet you know how to use Google Translate}, which we had a couple of hours to solve. I just recently bought a Macbook Pro because my ASUS was too slow for almost everything but especially the Adobe programs. I have only bought PCs before so I’m not used to Mac’s operating system. But I’m already having a hang on it. It’s a great laptop. Fast, quick, speedy. Though I had a bit of a problem with it today which I'll get back to in a second. Today I learned I’m not that great at being creative when I have to force myself to be it, I don’t work too well with loud music on and the Adobe programs set in Danish language is such a no-go. The latest was my problem with my new laptop today. I had trouble with setting the language to English and I always work with the programs in English. It was a such pain in the you-know-where. I did finish all the tasks on time but I am not content with my work and I am to embarrass to show it here. So this will be just one of those posts with no pictures. Boring. Sorry.

It was a bit of an off day for me. Don’t get me wrong - the people at my internship seem very kind, the place is nice and it was exciting to be there. You know it’s the it’s not you, it’s me phrase. I just need to pull myself together. Night peaches.

*Opgaver til første dag - Opsamling kl. 15:45 - Løses individuelt
1. opgave: 1 stk "Be Inspired" billede
Fokus: Vær kreativ {det behøver ikke at være smukt i første forsøg - bare vær kreative}. Eventuelt med grafiske elementer.

2. opgave: 2 styling billeder
Fokus på styling og produktvisning. Se Instagram for inspiration.

3. opgave: Packshot på model
Vælg et smykke fra hjemmesiden of indsæt det på billedet af modellen I har fået tilsendt.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Too late to say merry Christmas, happy New Year and all that jazz? 2014 flew by so quickly and I hope you all had a great year with wonderful memories! I sure did have one which contains lots of fantastic memories. I wanted to make a blog post about the highlights of 2014 but I just haven’t had the time because of my third semester exam and other bad excuses. Well I feel it’s a bit too late for making the post so I’ll just say what the highlight of 2014 was. The highlight of last year was my holiday at Corfu! It was our (le petit ami et moi) first trip together, alone and abroad. It was just perfect. I hope we can travel again this year. I’m eyeing you, Edinburgh.    
2014, thank you for being amazing. 2015 you got some big shoes to fill in. I’m a bit scared but also very excited for this year. I’ll be starting my internship tomorrow and I hope I’ll have a splendid time! Cheers to a new year!