Monday, 21 October 2013


It is pouring outside! How cosy! I wish I could hide under my soft duvet, eat cookies, drink tea or a cup of hot chocolate and rewatch ‘Pride & Prejudice’ - but I have to start writing a report. We are currently doing our second project and it is to be hand in this Friday. It is going well with it. I am content with my group and we haven’t had any struggles yet. By the way my lecturer has seen my first project, evaluated it, and I have passed! Before I started at the academy I was curious about how they would grade us. Therefore I have attached my lecturer’s comments {last image} if some future Multimedia Design students are here and curious as well. This is how they evaluated my first project at my academy. Well, unfortunately that report won't write itself. Till we meet again Mr. Darcy.  

Monday, 14 October 2013


Apple season! My boyfriend and I visited my mom in Stenlille last weekend. H plucked a bunch of apples from the backyard and today I decided to make an apple cake. Sabe bien!
I have a break from school this week but I have a school project which I have to focus on one of these days. I’m just so busy with a lot of other stuff but at least I’ll not get bored. Today I have done a ton of practical stuff at home, been in town in search of a specific pen, visited my beloved library and been to the grocery store. This evening I have to catch up on some books with a cup of orange tea and a slice of apple cake.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Gosh, time flies so quickly. Hello there October! September felt like summer so I’m hoping for some serious autumn business October. I know it has been a couple of weeks since my birthday but I still wanted to make a gift post. So here it is.
1}Artist stool 2}'Pictures' by Tim Walker 3}Money 4}Marc by Marc Jacobs watch 5}Beautilful cards 6}Staedtler Noris Club pens,1.0mm and 3.0mm 7}Staedtler triplus color, 3.0mm 8}Hair accessories from Evita Peroni 9}Missoni sunglasses 10}Tea and caddy spoon from Tante T 11}Vero Moda top 12}Progresso solid graphite stick 13}Artline drawing system pen, 0,05mm 14}Ticket to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert 15}Drawings 16}'Lynch on Lynch' by Chris Rodley 17}Notebook, senseBook by transotype 18}'Brooklyn Makers' by Jennifer Causey 19}Canson drawing paper 20}'Story Teller' by Tim Walker 21}Gogo Philip H initial heart necklace.

Thank you so much for the lovely presents! By the way I got two copies of Tim Walker’s ‘Story Teller’ so I’m selling one of them. If you live in Denmark and you are interested in buying it, please contact me. 

Monday, 7 October 2013


Say hello to my new computer and mouse! My previous computer {Fernando Jr.} is still going strong but I knew I needed one which is faster and had either Windows 7 or 8 {Fernando Jr. has Vista} for my education. My boyfriend helped me search for a new computer and we found two which I liked. It was between this Asus and a Packard Bell. Even though the Packard Bell was a bit cheaper I picked this Asus. I picked Asus because it is lightweight which is quite appropriate since we have to take a laptop to school every single day. And it is indeed very light! The Asus screen size is 13,3” and the Packard Bell was 15,6”. And the other reason I picked the Asus is because I could try and feel it at my local store and the Packard Bell was found online. So here is my new laptop named Lynch! The model is S300C. The only downside with it is it has Windows 8 and I really really really dislike Windows 8. Luckily my boyfriend did his magic and now it looks like Windows 7. Hooray! 

An enormous thanks to my dad {Får} for donating some money for the laptop. And another huge thanks to my boyfriend for helping me out, installing loads of programs, being patience while I rant about Windows 8 and buying me a new mouse and a mouse mat. Thank you!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


It has been exactly a month since I started at the academy and here is a short update about it. It is good to be back to reading books, learning substance, taking notes, using the brain and being creative. Our subjects are interesting and the one I find the most exiting right now must be ‘Design and Visualisation’. I guess it is because it is within this subject you can unfold your creativity. I like all of my lectors, well there is one whom I find just a tiny bit too dull for my taste. My classmates seem nice. I haven’t really been social because my focus and priority is to study, gain knowledge and learn to become skilful in this area. There are so many students in my class and I know it is a bad excuse and it is embarrassing having being there for a month now, but I still don’t know many of my classmate’s names! But they do really all seem like good people and I know they are very helpful too. So to sum it all up I’m very positive and happy about taking an AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication at Copenhagen Business Academy.