Thursday, 4 September 2014


Why does it feel like the years go by faster as you get older? It’s September. S E P T E M B E R. Am I only the one going a bit mad about this? I love autumn and especially the orange and red leaves surrounding every corner. I really can’t wait till the end of this month when the change of colours outside is slowly appearing! Talking about getting older, September also means that my birthday is fast approaching. My only plan for my special day is to eat a ridiculous amount of cake. Eat your gettig-older-sorrows away! Just kidding. A little bit. Down below are five of my birthday wishes. Usually my wishes only consist of books but I have tried to be more creative this year. {Sorry, pictures will perhaps come soon! I'm just on my way out right now.}
1. Olympus Pen E-P5/Olympus Pen E-PL7. I have been dreaming about owning one of these darlings for a very long time now. We have two DSLRs at home and loving them both but they are just too big to take with me every day. I want something which I can quickly grab and put in my schoolbag or in a purse before heading out. I love having a camera with me all the time and even though my mobile phone camera is doing an okay job I just want the real deal. I could also just wish for a compact camera but handed one of those I have a tendency to destroy them in some peculiar way. So yes, a CSC is perfect for me and these models are just absolute gorgeous. 

2. Concert tickets. There are so many great artist/bands visiting Copenhagen and oh I wish I had the money to see them all. Shall I list them all for you: Passenger, Ed Sheeran, alt-J, James Vincent McMorrow, Iron & Wine, Taking Back Sunday and George Ezra. I love going to concerts and the gift of an experience is the best gift you can give.

3. ILVA Polo sofa. We really don't need a new sofa but I want to redecorate our home. My taste has changed slightly since we moved in and I can’t keep my eyes off this sofa.

4. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This have been raved about and gushed for everywhere and I simply want its magic.

5. ILVA Tree tree bookcase. We have two bookshelves at home which we have named Dødsreolerne {The bookshelves of Death} because seriously the unfortunate will soon happen where they will collapse and somebody is going down along with the fall. It’s almost scary to pass by the bookshelves because they will tell you with creaky sounds how unstable they are. Yes, we really need new racks and the Tree tree bookshelves from ILVA have the modern retro design I'm so in love with.