Saturday, 31 May 2014


Is it too late for me to say ”Happy New Year”? Time flies by so quickly! I actually did mean to blog on the very first day of this year. I did start writing on the post but I simply just forgot to get back at it. The post was just a bit of rambling of how my year was in 2013. To be honest 2013 was a bit of a disappointment so I guess it was all depressing to read anyway. Now that we are pass 2013 and in the very end of May I seem to have thrown most of all the negative vibes off my shoulders. It wasn’t all bad and I got some very dear memories from 2013 too. One of my most favourite memory and event from last year was the Lumineers concert. As I said at my previous post, my boyfriend and I went to see The Lumineers at Vega. They are one of my favourite bands and I was so excited to see them live. The concert was amazing, intimate, and absolutely fantastic – and we were front row! Now picture your boyfriend wrapping his arms around you and your favourite band decides to go closer to us audience because they want to sing without any microphones so it would be more authentic – and hey, they also sing your favourite song from their album too. No words can really fully describe that moment. It was just so pure.

Now we are in year 2014 and I cannot believe we are entering June in an hour. 2014 has been good till now. Quite busy these past few weeks because I am in the middle of doing an exam project. I am always a bit of a wreck on exam periods. Nothing new under the sun since I have exam anxiety. Anyway I just wanted to say hello, I’m {perhaps} back. I really want to do more catching up right now but I have to get back to the exam project. Priorities, you know. By the way I imported some old posts from my other blogs. I wanted to just have one blog instead of seven {?!} with all my posts. Most of my old posts are private but there are some for your eyes to see too. Okay, I really have to go now. I promise to catch up real soon. Bye!