Thursday, 26 September 2013


My boyfriend has been working in Aarhus for four days now so I have been home alone. I really like being alone so I have taken the advantage of it. I know I can do all my crazy stuff when H is here but I guess you go a lot crazier when you are alone. These past two days has been even more fun since we haven’t had classes because we have to hand in an assignment tomor-row. This mean I have been at home all alone {well, that’s actually not true. Basse is here too!} for two days straight. These past two days I’ve been dancing like a mad lady, listened to ‘The Lumineers’ on repeat, ate too many biscuits, watched the whole season two of ‘New Girl’ and then stalked David Walton. And of course I’ve been working on my assignment as well! The assignment is to make a portfolio in Wordpress and to create a HTML-page. This is an amusing assignment and I have really enjoyed working on it {I do hope I have understood the task assignment!}. I just finished the assignment this evening and I can’t believe it all went smoothly {linking to my HTML-page doesn’t count as a problem. It simply was a misunder-standing!}. The HTML and CSS was fun playing with, editing the pictures on Photoshop went well and I’m satisfied with the portfolio itself. Here is a link to my portfolio. Good night... Wait, I hear 'How I Met Your Mother' is back! ;-)

Friday, 20 September 2013


Good morning! Guess what? Yep, it’s my Birthday! But that’s actually not the fun part. The fun part is I’m now twenty-two! My lucky number! I know I’m odd but I just like that number very much. This number fits me well. So I’m going to enjoy today. This evening I’m eating out together with two of my favourite people. I wish my best friends from Aarhus could join us but unfortunately they can’t. We’ll see each other soon anyway so I have something to look forward to. Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating with the family. First at my dad’s where I’ll eat delicious homemade cheesecake and drink tea. Later with my mom and com. where we will eat at a lovely restaurant. There is a lot of great eating to do! Hooray! Omnomnomnom! 

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Do you know about the Belbin Team Inventory? It’s a personality test but not equivalent to those personality type tests such as the MBTI. The test examines the individual’s behaviour in a team environment. In class today we took the test. Before taking the test I guessed which team role profile I would end in. Below are taken from my class notes which shows my assumptions. 

>Action Oriented<                                    >People Oriented<                                 >Thought Oriented<
Shaper %%                                                    Coordinator %                                             Plant ++
Implementer +                                             Team Worker %+                           Monitor/Evaluator %     
Completer/Finisher ++               Resource Investigator/Networker %%                      Specialist %+

“%” is negative and “+” is positive. As you can see I guessed myself to end up in “Completer/finisher” and/or “Plant”. And my assumptions were correct! I scored 25 points in the profile as a Plant and 22 points as a Completer/Finisher. I got 0 points in Resource Investigator/Networker just what I thought. It’s fun to see where your strengths and weakness lie and to compare your results with your classmates. This test is said to be very helpful when building a team because you know which profiles are more cooperative with specific profiles. Below you can read a bit about the Plant profile {highest score} and the Networker profile {lowest score}. These definitions are borrowed from my test.

Imaginative, creative and unorthodox.
May have difficulty to accept criticism and shut off and put himself outside the group.
Individualistic, dominant and sometimes overbearing.
Introverted person, but on an uncharacteristic and uninhibited style.
Looking completely new angles.
Goes own way - does not look at the relevance of the group and may insult if someone gets in the way.

{Network driver/creative dealer}
Outgoing and curious.
Social, enthusiastic and communicative.
Easily connect with others.
May forget to follow up on agreements.
Good at improvising and starting new things but may lose interest relatively quickly.
Sense of new relevant ideas.

Which profile are you?

Saturday, 14 September 2013


Delicious apples and plums all the way from Thisted where my father in law and his wife lives. Thank you! Have a nice weekend everybody!

Thursday, 12 September 2013


I received my copy of ’HTML & CSS - design and build websites’ by Jon Duckett yesterday. I’ve only read the first few pages but I can already say it’s an excellent book. I’m a complete newbie with HTML and CSS so I wanted to find a book which could teach me the basics. When I found this book on Amazon I immediately purchased it and I’m glad I did so because this book teaches you the fundamentals in a very comprehensible and simple way. It is well structured, easy and fun to read, and has many great visual examples. A must have for rookies!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Here is my first and very short time-lapse video. My boyfriend and I went to the same location today. I wanted to make a time-lapse with the trains but the place wasn’t ideal for it since the trains didn’t come that often. The cars must do it for now. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


My body is still cold after being outside shooting time-lapse for several hours on the top of Tivoli Hotel. And what’s the first thing I do when we come home? Eat ice cream. Of course. How clever. It was raining, windy and it got quiet cold but the view was so beautiful. There’s just something calming about looking at trains passing by. So while H did his stuff I drank tea, prepared a test for tomorrow and from time to time glanced at the bypassing trains.

Monday, 9 September 2013


We were introduced to HTML today and played with it in Notepad. I haven’t tried it before and I found it very interesting and fun {especially if you are making your own little Twin Peaks website!} Our first project is to make a portfolio in WordPress. In the portfolio we have to link to a page which we have made from scratch. This page will contain descriptions and pictures from our trip to Louisiana. So the plan for today is to pick some photographs I took in the museum, edit them in Photoshop and afterwards begin to make this {scratch} page. Later today my boyfriend will be making some time-lapse in town where I’ll accompany him. Have fun out there!

Friday, 6 September 2013


I can’t really brag about the amount of pages in our study books for this semester. At least I’m not going to have a backache. All the books except ’20 Designprincipper’ are bought used so I have saved 338 kroners. Ka-ching! The books are:
*‘Digital Media Management’ by Louise Harder Fischer & Marie Oosterbaan
*’20 Designprincipper’ by Ian Wisler-Poulsen
*’29 Spørgsmål’ by Jan Krag Jacobsen
*’Usability’ by Ole Gregersen & Ian Wisler-Poulsen

Thursday, 5 September 2013


It has been another exciting day in school - well actually - away from the classroom. Today’s field trip went to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Most of the art in this museum doesn’t appeal to me but I did find myself gazing at some oil paintings and figures made of bronze. The exhibition you can see there right now is YOKO ONO HALF-A-WIND SHOW. We weren’t there just for the sake of fun. We were given a photo task:

“Your task is to document a trip to an exhibition. You must take photos of you and your friends. “A student’s visit to Louisiana”. Your photo material shall act as raw material for a Photoshop course and workshops next week.”

I have taken exactly 600 pictures at the museum today. Here are some bits of them.    

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


September is finally here! The beautiful autumn has replaced summer and I can’t wait to taste the rain, enjoy looking at the warm and deep colours around me and hoping, for just one single autumn day, for an Indian summer. September also means students going back to/starting school/university/academy. And I’m one of those lucky fellows. I started at Copenhagen Business Academy yesterday. The first day of school was okay. I’m not good at meeting new people because I’m really shy and awkward so I wasn’t really excited for yesterday. But as I said everything went okay. If I heard correctly we are 120 Multimedia Design and Communication students, 40 of them which are international students. My class is called ‘MulB’ {once again I’m a lucky ‘B’} and we are located at room C21, just next to the international students’ room, C22. I’m looking forward to meeting- and working together with them. As well with the Computer Science students.

Today was more exciting. We started the day with an introduction to graphic design. I’m feeling this will be one of my favourite subjects. Our lecturer talked roughly about colours, textures, typography, images, forms, the CRAP design principle, sizes, texts, patterns, the golden section/golden mean etc. I can’t wait to learn more of this. Afterwards we talked about the basic of the Internet. E.g. the different types of websites, screen resolutions, file sizes, bandwidths etc.. If you guys are interested in web design, coding, graphic design and so on, here are three websites our lecturer introduced us to today {click 'em}:

At last we talked about practical stuff such as Fronter, webmail, exams, internships etc. Fine day. Now I’m off to prepare dinner!