Thursday, 19 February 2015


I’m off to England to visit some family tomorrow so here’s an early update on what I’ve been doing this week. The week began with Photoshop and more Photoshop. I’ll spare you with some more screenshots of my Photoshop work for now. I think we have seen too many of those lately. I have also helped of one the other interns to translate some text from Danish to English and Tuesday I got a new fun task. I was asked to come up with some layout suggestions for an email newsletter. The newsletter will be sent to those who applied to be a stylist for hvisk and got approved. This letter tells them they got approved and what the next step is as well the benefit of being a stylist at hvisk. I made four suggestions, which can be seen below.   

By the way one of my pictures (the picture to the right) is in the latest newsletter sent to all hvisk’s stylists. Yay! I’m going to see alt-J tonight and tomorrow I’m on a flight to England. Good times! I’ll be back Wednesday so be prepared for another short update again next week. Have a nice little Friday and take care out there.   

Friday, 13 February 2015


Good morning. Let’s just get straight to it. I’ve done more Photoshop this week. To be honest this was fun in the beginning but now I’d fancy some other tasks. But it’s fine! And I did get another task too so everything is good.
I have already explained what we do in Photoshop. Now I’ll just quickly explain what we do before and after a jewelry is placed on a model in Photoshop. First of all we open a Google Spreadsheet which have the names and product numbers of the jewelry we have to place on a model. Then we go to Box (which is like Dropbox) and with the help of the product number we search for the picture and information (size) of a specific jewelry. When it’s found we download the png or psd file of the jewelry. Then the process of clipping out and placing it on a model comes. When we are satisfied with the masking and placing we get it approved. If it gets approved we save it as a JPEG and place the file in a folder (FINAL MODEL PACKS) in Box. Finally we go back to the spreadsheet and write DONE (FÆRDIG).
The other task was to take a banner picture for the website's front page. The theme was high polished jewelry. The first bunch of pictures I took was not what they wanted (the first picture below). They said there was too much going on and I should keep it simpler. So that’s what I did and they liked it.
They used another picture I took and used it at the ‘BE INSPIRED’ page. As I mentioned in my last post, I like that they use our work. It shows they are content with what we are doing and it gives confidence. At my internship place they are very good at giving feedback and will tell you straightforwardly if they like your work or not. And that’s just how it should be. Looking forward to the weekend and sleep. Have a great one!
Yesterday I helped one of the other interns to take a picture. One of the pictures I took is now on the 'BE INSPIRED' page and others are used as Valentines presents inspiration.
Again today I helped with a new banner picture. I took the pictures and she stood model.
The picture below is also one I took of her. It's used in their Facebook page and newsletter.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


I have decided not to write every single day because I have done pretty much the same thing every day this week and there’s no fun in reading the same thing over and over again is there? So instead I’ll be writing recaps for the week and posting it every Friday or in the weekend.

This week I have mainly been focusing on more masking/clipping out in Photoshop. My job is to clip out the jewelry and paste it on a picture of a model. Then I have to add shadows and make other adjustments so it won’t look off. The trickiest part is guessing how small/large the jewelry looks on the model. We do know the size of the jewelry but since the picture of the model is not 100%/actual size this part is a big challenge.
I did get other assignments, which suited me well because it can get a bit {very!} boring doing the same thing for a whole day straight. First I was asked to crop some images and insert the logo on them. Here we were debating on the size of the logo so I made three examples for each picture. The first example is how I think the logo looked the best. In the second example I made the logo larger so it was clearer that it said “THE JEWELLERY REPUBLIC”. And in the third example I deleted the tagline. This has been used to promote their Facebook page and hopefully it will gain more likes on the page and customers.
Lastly I was asked to once again take a picture that will be used to announce a winner of a competition. I particularly enjoy this kind of assignments since I have always been quite fond of taking pictures. It’s so nice to see that they actually use the work we have done on their social media platforms and website. My ring size guide is on their website and the pictures I have taken to announce the winners are on their Facebook page and Instagram. It’s a pretty cool internship place! Goodnight and sleep tight!