Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I am enjoying my holiday and spending a lot of my free time reading my books. Finally! On exam periods I try not to pick up a book of my choice because I don’t want to get distracted. Oh my, how I missed reading books. It’s about to go down. I usually don’t read several books at the same time because I forget so quickly but I am just too excited. Oh yeah! Here are my five summer reads. 
CREATIVE CONFIDENCE’ by Tom Kelley and David Kelley. This book is inspiring, informative and motivating. Need to boost your creativity? I think this book will help and guide you on how to think differently and creatively. 
graphic design school’ by David Dabner. I got this book for my birthday ages ago. My best friend and I were talking about our dream jobs and I said that I wanted to work as a graphic designer. For my birthday that year I got this book from her. This book is a good introduction to graphic design and as a Multimedia Design student I thought it wouldn’t hurt to reread it again. It explains in a simple way the fundamentals such as layout, colours, composition and typography.    
STEN SAKS PAPIR’ by Naja Marie Aidt. Aidt is my favourite Danish author and her short stories are the best I have ever read. It is because of her I began writing my own short stories. ‘STEN SAKS PAPIR’ is her first novel and I wonder if it is as raw and bizarre as her short stories. 
BROOKLYN MAKERS’ by Jennifer Causey. Rereading this book because creative people are inspiring and so are the pictures in this book. Causey interviews thirty craftspeople living in Brooklyn who will make you jealous when you read what they do for a living.    
Lynch on Lynch’ by Chris Rodley. I am a huge fan of David Lynch so of course this book is on my list. I have a habit to write down words and sentences I find inspiring and I guess this is why I haven’t finished this book yet. My notebook is full of words and quotes from this interview book.