Thursday, 19 February 2015


I’m off to England to visit some family tomorrow so here’s an early update on what I’ve been doing this week. The week began with Photoshop and more Photoshop. I’ll spare you with some more screenshots of my Photoshop work for now. I think we have seen too many of those lately. I have also helped of one the other interns to translate some text from Danish to English and Tuesday I got a new fun task. I was asked to come up with some layout suggestions for an email newsletter. The newsletter will be sent to those who applied to be a stylist for hvisk and got approved. This letter tells them they got approved and what the next step is as well the benefit of being a stylist at hvisk. I made four suggestions, which can be seen below.   

By the way one of my pictures (the picture to the right) is in the latest newsletter sent to all hvisk’s stylists. Yay! I’m going to see alt-J tonight and tomorrow I’m on a flight to England. Good times! I’ll be back Wednesday so be prepared for another short update again next week. Have a nice little Friday and take care out there.   

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